Online petition to build Dundalk concrete skatepark

David Lynch


David Lynch

Online petition to build Dundalk concrete skatepark

Dundalk Skateboarding Community has started an online petition appealing to Louth County Council and the public to help them build a concrete skatepark for the town.

Explaining how they have been overlooked for community funding in recent times, the group laid out their reasons for asking the public to help them achieve their goal.

"Our local skateboarding community wish to enroll the help and support of the wider community to help build a concrete skatepark. Thus far we feel we have not been considered when sporting facilities are being provided for, in terms of purpose built outdoor sporting amenities.

"This has resulted in local skaters having to take to the streets, the market square and other non official skate spots. Skaters are not always welcomed in these areas by the wider community yet feel they have no other alternative. 

"If we take a look at other towns between Dublin and Belfast, we can see where the local authorities have made use of council land to provide purpose built skateparks. Statistics show a remarkable reduction in anti social behavior in housing estates where skate facilities have been provided for the youth. Several housing estates have incorporated skateparks in their initial design for this very reason.

"Towns both North and South of our border town have successfully petitioned to have an outdoor concrete park for their skaters and those who ride bmx, these towns include Drogheda, Skerries, Balbriggan, Swords, Banbridge, Carrickfergus and many more, yet Dundalk falls way behind in doing so.

"We the local skateboarding community would be extremely grateful for any support given to have such a facility made available here in Dundalk. This would mean a safer controlled environment for our youth to avail of without having to travel outside of our town. Now with the resurgence associated with skateboarding, it is imperative that we provide a suitable location for our skateboarding community to avail of."

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