Dundalk District Court

Dundalk man (50) admitted carrying out handbag snatches


Court Reporter


Court Reporter

Dundalk man (50) admitted carrying out handbag snatches

Dundalk courthouse

A 50 year old man who admitted carrying out two handbag snatches in Dundalk, and attempting to steal a third, has been sentenced to a total of six months at the local district court.

Judge Eirinn McKiernan said they were really terrible crimes, after she heard how Leonard Gorman of Cedarwood Park, Dundalk had grabbed a handbag from the front passenger seat, as a woman was stopped at a temporary set of traffic lights in the Laurels on May 25th last year.

Ten days later, he tried to snatch a bag from a woman who felt a tug on her arm as she was making her way back from a trolley bay in the Long Walk Shopping Centre car park. She pushed him against her car, and he then fled.

Two days later the defendant grabbed a bag from the footwell of a car, in the local Tesco Extra car park while a woman and child were in the vehicle.

On each occasion Mr. Gorman was riding a bicycle and the court heard he was stopped the third time, by members of the public and security staff at Tesco Extra.

The Defence solicitor said his client has battled with addictions throughout his life and most of his 51 previous convictions were from when he was a much younger man.

Judge McKiernan imposed two month consecutive sentences for the first two offences, and a consecutive four month sentence for the third, but suspended the final two months of that sentence.