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Louth man assaulted his aunt during a family gathering


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Court Reporter

Louth man assaulted his aunt during a family gathering

Dundalk courthouse

A 34 year old man who assaulted his aunt during a family gathering and slashed a car tyre with a glass on the same occasion, has been jailed for 10 months at Dundalk district court.

Dalton O’Brien with an address at St. Oliver’s Park, Kilsaran was before the court for 12 offences

The court heard that on June 8th last, he had drink taken and became aggressive - punching his aunt in the face and injuring one of her fingers, when she raised her hand to try and block him.

In July the DPP directed that the case be dealt with in the district court, as the injury sustained was not as bad as the victim initially thought it was.

The Defence solicitor said his client is extremely regretful for what happened and outlined how while on remand custody, Mr. O'Brien had been in a very critical condition while on remand, as a result of a seizure.

In relation to separate prosecutions, the court heard the defendant had smashed all the downstairs windows of a house in 2015, and he was prosecuted for handling stolen property in relation to a bike that was recovered at his home, having been stolen from an address a kilometre away.

He also trespassed at a property in Castlebellingham 2017.

The court heard how the owner had died a number of months beforehand, but her son was alerted to the intruder by a number of images sent to his mobile phone from a security system.

The Defence solicitor said his client had been in custody since June 8th.

The victim of the assault told the court she loved her nephew but added that was like a wild animal and he needs to take some responsibility at some stage for his actions. She also claimed he had been self-medicating with drink and drugs.

While she said she didn't want him to go to prison, she felt he would get the help he needs there as "in the last year he's on a suicide mission".

Judge John Cheatle noted the accused had not engaged to the standard the Probation Service expected of him in the past and given his record, a custodial element to the sentence was inevitable.

He imposed a 10 month sentence for the assault and a consecutive 8 month sentence for the criminal damage charge on the same date, which he suspended on him entering a bond to be of good behaviour on his release from custody.

The sentence was backdated to June 8th when the accused went into custody.