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Dundalk District Court: Assaulted his ex-partner in her home on several occasions


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Court Reporter

One-punch Dundalk assault linked to use of N-word at chipper earlier, court hears

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A 29-year-old man who assaulted his ex-partner in her home on several occasions was sentenced to a total of six months at Dundalk district court last week.

The court heard one of the incidents resulted in the victim being left in fear after one of their children let the man into the house on Christmas Eve.

The defendant was before the court last Wednesday in relation to 21 charge sheets – some of which related to driving offences – including drink driving in December 2017, the robbery of an i-phone in Muirhevnamor and the theft of a Playstation 4, control pads and games worth over €1,000 from a house, also in Muirhevnamor, both of which happened in 2015.

Others were for contravening a safety order on a number of occasions and assault.

The Defence solicitor explained that the cases had been adjourned for compensation to be paid and ‘like a rolling stone’ the other offences had gathered.

The ‘in camera´ hearing was told that the defendant had punched the victim five times to the side of her face and had kicked her on the bed in December 2017.

Two months later he assaulted her in her home at 4am – by pushing her, and he made repeated threats to her.

In March last year, the man seriously assaulted the victim and another woman. Three months later he assaulted the victim by dragging her to the ground outside the ICU in Our Lady of Lourdes hospital in Drogheda.

Last October he contravened a safety order by shouting in the back window of her home “I’ll get you”.

And on Christmas Eve, he was let into the house by one of their children and started messing with the children’s Christmas presents and put her in fear by saying he’d return to the house

The defence solicitor said the offences had accumulated over five years, and there had been quite a lot of tolerance in terms of payment of compensation

He added his client has just not come to terms with the break-up and his activities had resulted in the charges before the court.

Judge McKiernan imposed a two month sentence for the drink driving offence and a six year ban and a four month consecutive sentence for one of the breaches of the safety order and marked the rest of the matters taken into consideration.