Hope new rewards app for Dundalk can help entice local customers back

‘This is a great initiative to support retailers as they begin to open their doors’ - Martin McElligott, TCCM

Hope new rewards app for Dundalk can help entice local customers back

A new app designed to reward shoppers for shopping local with cash back rewards is on its way to Dundalk.

With many retailers in Dundalk slowly coming back after weeks of closure due to the lockdown and the Covid-19 pandemic, it is hoped this innovative approach will entice shoppers back to retailers and to reward them for their purchases.

According to a statement from Dundalk BIDS, this new app - Tapit - available on smart phones from August 1, is a “rewards programme with a difference”.

The statement explained: “It’s like other loyalty programmes that people have become used to using with two differences. Firstly, cash rewards are gathered straight-away. There’s no waiting for points to turn into vouchers. Secondly, there is no need to search bags, pockets or wallets looking for your card to get stamped or swiped. It happens automatically. This makes Tapit an easy way for retailers to reward loyalty and shoppers to show their loyalty to local shops as the recovery gets under way.”

Tapit is the brainchild of two young entrepreneurs, Garrett Gunn and Gavin Duffy from Cavan. Having worked in IT, they recognised a way for retailers to market their business while at the same time rewarding customers.

“We wanted to create a rewards programme for shoppers that was easy. No frantically digging around your bag or checking points for the little card.” said Gavin Duffy, Co-Founder of Tapit. “We also wanted to make it attractive to retailers. There’s no additional training with this initiative. Retailers have another platform to advertise on, one they don’t pay for until a transaction is made. It’s win-win for everyone, particularly as we begin to open up after our lockdown.”

With a move toward not handling cash due to the general public perception of cash carrying harmful bacteria, as well as the limit increase on credit taps, credit card usage will be the norm.

Martin McElligott Dundalk Town Centre Commercial Manager explains that the words “Shop Local” have been used for many years now and with good reason.

“There are also great things happening under this banner, many that are bearing fruit for Dundalk, but when I heard about this Town Centre loyalty solution, I was instantly drawn to its potential to help retailers in Dundalk come together and collectively reward shoppers for choosing their local bricks and mortar store.

“The Tapit platform allows them to design their very own rewards system with little or no effort, helping them promote their brand and reward their customers with real money reward.

“This is a great initiative to support retailers as they begin to open their doors and it’s a win for customers too. That’s why we’re behind the August 1st launch of this app.”

The shops around Dundalk Town Centre that will start on the app on launch date include Conlons Food Hall, McEvoys Department Store, Brendan Marmion Paints, The Hairshop, McBradys, Pinstripe Punk, Ruby Nu, Vape Store 44, Heigth of Health, Rocksalt Cafe, XXI Ice, Elamay Boutique, Johnny Morgan Fishmongers, BSharp Music, and Hollands Hardware.

As the programme rolls out, more retailers are expected to join, Martin McElligott added.