Local gardai issue online fraud warning


David Lynch


David Lynch

Web week.

Financial Fraud Awareness Week was launched today.

During the Covid-19 Pandemic there has been a reduction in Burglaries. Homes are safe largely because of continuous occupancy.

However online fraudsters are busy finding ways to commit online theft and in many cases very easily.

Some things you must always remember - your bank will never send you an email requesting your bank security details. You will only need your security details when logging into your Bank’s internet banking service. Do not share your password with anyone. Do not open an email attachment from people you simply do not know. Be wary of clicking on links, they can lead to false sites. Review credit card and bank statements regularly to reveal any problems and inconsistencies.

Don’t store your banking PIN’s or password in your smartphone or tablet. This makes your account vulnerable if the device is lost or stolen.  Never reply to unsolicited texts, just delete them.  Always log out of internet banking sessions once you have finished.  Be aware of using internet banking in busy public areas.  Beware of Hoax emails that are usually too good to be true.  Other fraudsters send emails designed to trigger an emotional response inevitably intended to relieve you of money.  If you think fraudsters have obtained your bank details and you are the victim. Notify your bank or financial institution.  Change your passwords.

Contact An Garda Siochana.