Work of Louth County Council during Covid-19 to be highlighted

Covid-19 response

David Lynch


David Lynch

Louth County Council close applications for local road improvement schemes

Louth County Council close applications for local road improvement schemes

The work carried out by the staff of Louth County Council during the Covid-19 crisis will be highlighted on #YourCouncilDay, which takes place on Wednesday, July 1. 

#YourCouncilDay will showcase what is happening on the day throughout the council and also highlight the innovation shown by local authorities in supporting the community through the lockdown. 

Social media users throughout the community are also asked to post their experiences of council initiatives using the hashtag #YourCouncilDay. 

“The current crisis has highlighted the true nature of public service in communities across the country,” said Joan Martin, Chief Executive. 

“The unique circumstances of Covid-19 prompted councils to innovate in how they provided both day-to-day services and additional supports to the public. 

“Faced with the challenge of social distancing, and with many of their own staff working from home, local authorities brought novel solutions to the complex problems posed by the new realities of lockdown. 

“Thousands of public servants adopted new skills and devised innovative ways of delivering services to those who needed them most. 

“All local authorities established Community Support Programmes to co-ordinate a multi-agency response to deliver services while Covid-19 restrictions are in force. 

“Councils moved to support those faced with isolation, activating befriending services with regular phone calls, starting local radio shows and organising book and even musical instrument deliveries to combat loneliness. 

“Vital services moved online bringing a range of virtual supports into people’s homes such as inclusive exercise classes for all ages and adapted exercises for older people in self- isolation. 

“We have seen live-streamed storytelling, virtual Zoom book clubs and online choirs supporting community spirits through dark days.”