LOUTH WEATHER: Take in garden items that may take flight!

David Lynch


David Lynch

A kids' trampoline blown onto a garden shed and fence in Ballymore Eustace

So it's looking like tomorrow (Friday) is gonna get a little wild, in terms of the weather anyway.

According to Louth Weather this afternoon, Friday will start deceptively bright and sunny, but things take a turn later on:

"By afternoon we will also see quite a few showers. A very windy day for the time of year. Southwest winds gusting to 75kph by the afternoon, so if you do have any items in your garden that may take flight, make sure you secure them later today!"

But it's not all bad: "If you can get sheltered from this wind it will be quite pleasant in the sun at 16°c."

And tonight is going to turn a bit wet unfortunately with up to 10mm of rain possible -the "most rain we have seen in over two months!"

Saturday looks to be similar to Friday too "with strong SW winds and a mix of sunny spells and showers. Somewhat cloudier, however the winds should be a bit lighter and the showers fewer, so a slight improvement overall."

Sunday will "still a windy day. Dry. Some sunny breaks but mostly cloudy. Max 18°C."