Dundalk student claims prize in prestigious national short story competition

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David Lynch

Dundalk student claims prize in prestigious national short story competition

Dundalk student finishes runner-up in prestigious national short story competition

A 13-year-old local school has claimed a runner-up place in a coveted national short story competition.

Éadaoin Drumgoole from St Louis Secondary School was asked to compose a 300-word short story as part of the entry into the prestigious John Boyne Short Story competition.

There were over 6000 entries in all and Éadaoin's story nearly won the top spot in the 11-14 age category. Despite not claiming the top prize, Éadaoin took home €100 as a prize for her wonderful tale, which is published below. Enjoy!

A short unrequited love story

It all started one faithful Sunday. My grandparents’ house is miles away from mine, so it was quite a long journey to get to mass in their parish. (So worth it, in retrospect)

The priest came out of the sacristy and I didn’t bat an eyelash. But when I saw who came out behind him I felt the uncontrollable urge to whip out some mascara and bat the eyelashes off my face. Enter the love interest; Unnamed altar server, male, afro, 5’ 8”, beautiful-est human being ever.

Altar Server Human, Ash for short, volunteered to do the Bible readings, like a good Samaritan. I daydreamed about our wedding, and life as husband and wife, when he cleared his throat and started.

“A reading from the letter of someone to somewhere, The perfect wife...”

I think I blacked out at that. Next thing I knew it was Communion time. I bounded up the aisle in an effort to convince Ash that we had similar interests, like Mass, and Communion.

It was almost movie-like. I half-expected the church-goers to burst into song as Ash swept me off my feet. Alas, no.

It was my turn for communion. Ash picked up the Holy wafer and whispered into the depths of my soul, “Body of Christ,”.

I breathlessly answered, “Amen,” and stumbled back to my pew, utterly lovestruck.

Mass flew after that. It ended too soon for me. I decided that it was my time to shoot my romantic shot. I waited until after Mass, when he came out of the sacristy. I posed by the Holy water fountain as he approached. He leaned closer to me and I held my breath, waiting for the inevitable kiss.

He swerved, dunked his fingers in the water and left. So much for love.