How the weather will look in Louth this week


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David Lynch

LOUTH WEATHER: Weekend forecast

LOUTH WEATHER: Weekend forecast

With everyone staying at home, apart from exercising within a 2km radius of your house, knowing the weather forecast is going to be an important part of planning that daily exercise.

Local weather expert Louth Weather has given us an idea of what to expect this week:

"Less sunshine, breezier and slightly cooler than last week.

"But last week was excellent, so the coming week will still be good."

MONDAY - Some sunny spells but overall cloudier than of late. Windier too, with fresh northerly winds, these easing this evening. Cool at 10°C.
Dry but mostly cloudy tonight. Light northerly winds. No frost. Minimum 6°C.

TUESDAY - Dry. Mostly cloudy. Moderate northerly winds. Max 10°C.

WEDNESDAY - Dry. Cloudy. Moderate NW winds. Max 9°C.

THURSDAY - Some patchy light drizzle possible early morning. Otherwise dry and cloudy. Fresh occasionally strong NW winds. Max 10°C.

FRIDAY - Dry. Mostly cloudy. Moderate westerly winds. Max 9°C.

THE WEEKEND - Little change. Mostly cloudy but dry.