UPDATED: Dundalk Covid-19 test centre to open today


David Lynch


David Lynch

Dundalk Covid-19 test centre to open today

Dundalk Covid-19 test centre to open today

As revealed by the Dundalk Democrat on Monday, the Covid-19 test centre at DkIT, is set to open today.

HSE and Dundalk Institute of Technology (DkIT) team up to deliver a drive-thru testing which is expected to operational from today Friday.

The sampling service is being provided on an appointment-only basis and only those who are displaying symptoms and have been referred (to the drive through or clinic) by their GP will be seen.

Pat Bennett, Chief Officer, HSE Midlands, Louth and Meath said:

“We would like to acknowledge the tremendous support that we have got from our local communities as we implement the government action plan in response to Covid19. We can’t stop the virus, but together, we can reduce the impact it has on ourselves, our families, communities, our health service and our day-to-day lives.

"Our goal is to slow the spread of coronavirus. If we can slow it down, we give ourselves, and our most vulnerable people, more options and more time for care and recovery. Our collective efforts are critical, we need to do this together, as one community. We will be asking everyone to play their part, to help each other.”

Michael Mulvey, DkIT President added:

“We are pleased to support the HSE’s national response to this pandemic. In these extraordinary times, we rely on the Trojan efforts of our health workers and wider health services more than every. The Institute will continue to provide assistance to the HSE in whatever practical way that we can.

"We also call on our DkIT community and the wider public to continue to play their part in helping to reduce the spread of Covid-19 by adhering to the HSE guidelines, particularly in relation to social distancing”

In the new drive–thru centres at no stage will visitors to the centres leave their car. Once checked in at the entrance, visitors will be provided with a face mask, tissues and disposable bag and directed to a test bay attended by healthcare workers wearing Personal Protection Equipment (PPE).

At this point, visitors will be asked to blow their nose and dispose of the tissue in the bag provided. A throat and nose swab will then be taken and the visitor will leave the facility and return to self-isolation.

The HSE has appealed for the privacy of those staffing and visiting the centres to be respected.

Further information on Testing for Covid-19 here.