Dundalk hair stylist’s top tips to keep your hair healthy while at home

Susan and Emma


Susan and Emma

Dundalk hair stylist’s top tips to keep your hair healthy while at home

Dundalk hair stylist’s top tips to keep your hair healthy while at home

Emma and Susan from Cortex Hair Design in Dundalk dispense some pearls of wisdom to help get you and your hair through the current ‘hibernation’.

So, we all know that with the local hair salons closed due to Covid-19 some of you may be struggling with maintaining your luscious locks at home. 

Firstly we just want to assure you all that you're beautiful no matter what, but we are here to give you some of our top tips for maintaining healthy looking hair while you can’t pay a visit to your favourite hairstylist. 

The better your hair is arriving back to your hairdressers, the less work involved in getting it back into shape after this hibernation. 

So, let's embrace this time to give all our hair the break of a lifetime from heat and chemicals.

Washing Your Hair

- Try to limit the amount you wash your hair. No more than 3 times a week. Over-washing your hair will strip the hair of natural oils and proteins.
- Avoid shampoos high in silicones and clarifying shampoos these will strip your colour
- Treat your hair as you would your skin. Using quality products and masks. When applying conditioning treatments, shampoo your hair then rinse well, towel dry and apply to the lengths and ends of your hair. Leave for about 30 minutes. TOP TIP -  for curly hair use your conditioner as a styling product, comb evenly through and leave to dry naturally, the less you scrunch it the less frizzy it will get!!!

Styling Your Hair

- Heat protector is a must!
- Leave in conditioning creams, great for hydrating your hair. Comb product evenly through for maximum results
- Keep that hair brushed. Brushing your hair at least twice daily
- When using any of your heated tools, keep them on a slightly lower heat
- Try and refrain from tying your hair in tight ponytails. This will put stress on the hair and cause breakage. Try lower, looser ponytails.
- For the kiddies, plaits are a great way to keep the knots at bay. When combing, start at the bottom and work your way up. This will help with the tears. Lol!


- So, if these roots have begun to rear their ugly head, PLEASE try and wait for your stylist, embrace the sparkle. Chemicals can be harmful if used incorrectly.
- A great alternative, Root Cover Up Sprays are great for masking them sparklers.
- If these aren’t readily available try eyeshadows. Not as concentrated, but does the trick!
- Wearing your hair in zig-zag partings can also help.
- Hairbands are a great accessory and will cover your regrowth.
- For you blondes, balayage is on-trend. Try silver shampoos, please don’t overuse these. Once a week, maximum.

We hope that these tips will make your life a little easier when trying to maintain those tresses at home. Stay safe and stay home and you will be back with your lovely hairstylist sooner rather than later. For any more info on anything hair related please feel free to get in touch through our Facebook or Instagram: Cortex Hair Design. 

Keep Beautiful Ladies. 

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