Joy in Cooley as Henry (5) lambs his very first sheep

Spring has Sprung

David Lynch


David Lynch

Joy in Cooley as Henry (5) lambs his very first sheep

Joy in Cooley as Henry (5) lambs very first sheep

With all of the global and national drama going on at the minute, you could quickly forget that Spring is still here and there is new life beginning on a farm out in Cooley this week.

Five-year-old Henry Oliver lambed his very first sheep and according to his mum Laura, everyone in the family is so very proud of him.

However, his sister Heidi (4) wasn't impressed initially, anyway, and, according to Laura she was heard saying: "I'm definitely not doing it, cause it's too gooey!"

But, once she saw the little lamb arrive, she was converted to lambing and now wants to lamb one herself!

Laura says both Henry and Heidi are very much fans of nature and all animals.

"They care deeply for all of their animals, especially their sheepdogs and rabbits," she explained.

Despite the lack of school and social restrictions, Laura says they're all kept busy regardless.

"We are making the most of our days, crafting, meditating and doing a little school work but most of all we are having fun being out in nature."

Although 2020 will be remembered for other grimmer reasons, for little Henry, when he looks back in years to come, it'll always bring a smile to his face.