Louth woman starts GoFundMe for young family who had to flee China

Tia Clarke


Tia Clarke


Louth woman starts GoFundMe for young family who had to flee China

Helen's sister, her husband and their 7-month-old baby

A Louth woman has set up a GoFundMe page to help her sister who was forced to flee China due to the spread of the Coronavirus. 

Drogheda resident Helen Meegan, set up the online fundraiser to help her sister who had to leave China immediately along with her husband and 7-month-old daughter. 

Helen, who is originally from the UK but has been living in Ireland for 20 years explained: "They weren't able to bring much with them and whilst I have been able to gather clothes for them and their daughter they have very little money as this trip couldn't have been planned far in advance.

"I am trying to help them in anyway that I can but there is no telling how long they will have to stay here as we can't see ahead what the outcome of this virus will mean for China."   

Helen's sister is also a British citizen and moved to China to teach English as a foreign language. After teaching English in a school for a few years she met her husband who is Chinese and they set up a school together.

Helen explained on the GoFundMe page: "They have a 7-month-old daughter and a happy life in Hohhot. But with the outbreak of the coronavirus, the British government advised its citizens to leave if they could.

"The heavy toll of the curfews which has mean that only one member of a household could leave the home at a time making even getting food for their family a real difficulty in a country which relies heavily on a self-employed, hand to mouth existence, the seriousness of being arrested should you break curfews that have been set in place, as well as the worry over the virus its self, meant that they made the decision to come to the UK." 

The Louth woman added: "Any help we can get would be so genuinely appreciated and will go towards feeding them and housing them whilst they wait for news of when it's safe to return to China. Our prayers are with the Chinese people who can't escape this nightmare." 

So far €900 has been raised of the €5,000 goal. See the GoFundMe here: