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Escaped after climbing out Dundalk Garda Station window


Court Reporter


Court Reporter

Escaped after climbing out Dundalk Garda Station window

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A 33-year-old man, who was in custody at Dundalk Garda Station, escaped after climbing out of a window during a consultation with his solicitor, the local district court heard last week.

Conor Brady of Oakland Park, Dundalk was charged with escaping from lawful custody, arising out of the incident on September 10 last.

Sgt. Fintan McGroder told the court last Wednesday the defendant was in a consultation room with his solicitor when a garda raised the alarm that Mr. Brady was trying to get out through a small window.

An attempt was made to grab him by the arms but the majority of Conor Brady’s body was out of the window and he broke free of the garda’s grasp, the court was told. The defendant ran off towards the grounds of the Louth Civil Defence and then ran towards Clarke Railway Station. The court heard he was arrested after a search.

The defendant had 54 previous convictions - none of which were for escaping from lawful custody.

The Defence solicitor said: “It really was a moment of panic” where her client had seen an opportunity without appreciating the consequences of what happened.

She added that the charge he was in custody over had been struck out at the direction of the DPP and said the defendant had apologised and has also detoxed while on remand in Cloverhill prison having surrendered bail in a separate matter.

Judge Eirinn McKiernan imposed a two month sentence.