Temperatures set to plummet in Louth this weekend

Cold temps ahead...

David Lynch


David Lynch

Offaly braced for freezing weather this weekend

Offaly braced for freezing weather this weekend

Get the hot water bottles out and prepare to wrap up this weekend - it's going to a cold one!

Temperatures on both Friday and Saturday night are set to plummet to a teeth-chattering -2°C!

According to Louth Weather, it will be dry and clear on Friday night with a widespread, sharp frost. During the day it will remain cold - at 6°C.

Saturday is another chiller with daytime temperatures struggling to rise to 5°C.

Meanwhile, Sunday will see a continuation of the low temperatures with frost expected both early and late that day.

Next week should see a change though, according to Louth Weather:

"At present, it looks like this will be a cloudy high, so expect me to be forecasting lots of "boring cloudy but dry" weather next week! The benefit of cloudy highs is that the nights will not be as frosty."