LOUTH WEATHER: Snow possible as 'first proper cold snap of the winter' hits


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David Lynch

LOUTH WEATHER: Snow possible as 'first proper cold snap of the winter' hits

LOUTH WEATHER: Snow possible as 'first proper cold snap of the winter' hits

Winter is Coming!

That's according to local weather expert Louth Weather anyway, who has updated the forecast for the next week today.

While Louth Weather is usually realistic when it comes to clickbait headlines, it seems that snow is a distinct possibility soon:

"So is snow possible? For the first time, this winter my opinion is yes, but this front will be weakening and may well fizzle out before it reaches us. I will, of course, keep a very close eye on this so stay tuned for further updates."

Louth Weather added: "Despite two months of non-stop snow clickbait, we've had a mild run to date. I am sticking with my Monday forecast i.e. it will be cold enough for any precipitation this weekend to be wintry especially over high ground. However, it's currently looking quite dry overall.

"An interesting setup on Saturday evening as an area of low pressure with associated rain pushes in from the SW and hits colder air."

Here's a more detailed forecast for the next week:

THURSDAY - Most of the rain has now cleared east, with just a few light patches lingering in the northeast. The afternoon will be dry. Overall cloudy though a few sunny breaks could develop later. Another period of rain due in this evening light westerly winds to begin will pick up gradually as the day progresses. Max 7°C.
Rain on and off tonight. Windy too with gusts up to 50kph. No frost.

FRIDAY - the morning will be dry and cloudy. Some sunny spells through the afternoon, but a few light showers too. Fresh and gusty westerly winds. Max 7°C. Frost Friday night in sheltered areas.

SATURDAY - A mix of cloud and sunny spells. Mostly dry. Strong westerly winds gusting to 55kph. Cold at 4°C. Temperatures close to freezing Saturday night.

SUNDAY - Some spells of sunshine mixed with clouds. Moderate westerly winds. Cold at only 4° or 5°C.

MONDAY and TUESDAY - Remaining cold. Light to moderate westerly winds. Cloudy but mostly if not totally dry.

FURTHER OUTLOOK - back to milder, windier and wetter conditions from Wednesday on.