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Pushed Carlingford barman who refused to sell him a chocolate bar


Court Reporter


Court Reporter

Pushed Carlingford barman who refused to sell him a chocolate bar

Dundalk courthouse

A 33 year old man who pushed a bar man who refused to sell him a bar of chocolate as he had stopped serving, has avoided a conviction at Dundalk District Court after paying €1,000 compensation for the victim.

Gary Daly with an address at Clea Road, Keady, Co. Armagh pleaded guilty to a charge of assault causing harm, at PJ O’Hare’s, Tholsel Street, Carlingford on July 2, 2017.

The court heard last Wednesday that staff were closing up when the accused ask for a bar of chocolate from behind the bar. The victim refused to serve him and the defendant became aggressive and pushed him – which resulted in the injured party falling.

When gardai arrived on the scene the bar man had a minor injury to the right hand side of his head.

The Defence solicitor said her client accepted that he had pushed the man which resulted in the fall but she stressed that he had helped pick him up and had apologised on the night.

Judge Eirinn McKiernan pointed out the man was attacked while doing his job. The court heard the accused had no previous convictions, and the accused could have €1,000 in court for the victim.

When the money was produced Judge McKiernan applied the Probation Act.