Dundalk man hoping to travel 300km across arctic wilderness


David Lynch


David Lynch

Dundalk man hoping to travel 300km across arctic wilderness

Dundalk man Tommy Mc Ardle, who is currently living in Vancouver in Canada, is hoping to trek 300km across the Arctic wilderness - but he needs your help.

Speaking to the Democrat, Tommy explained the story behind his desire to test himself in such an extreme way.

"I have entered myself into a competition called the ‘Fjallraven polar’. It is a trip that consists of a 300km adventure across the Arctic wilderness. More than 200 highly skilled sled dogs will help us make it across the wilderness." 

Tommy added: "It is a test of physical and mental strength along with testing your skills to make it through the wilderness, it can fall below -30 degrees at times. I have two ways of being in with a chance of going to this life changing experience.

The Dundalk native continued: "One is by public vote and the second is the jury who will hand pick ten lucky applicants. This is why I am reaching out to you today.... help me gain some votes before the competition ends on December 12th.

"I am currently the only Irish person in the top tier of contenders. With less than twelve days to go I need all the help I can get.

"Any form of help would be greatly appreciated. If I do win a place I will be the first Irish person in the history of the event to attend it."

All people need to do is follow the link to Tommy's profile on the website and click on the vote button, it takes less than two seconds: https://polar.fjallraven.com/contestant/?id=7021