Louth woman calls on councillors to fix Ardee pothole

Tia Clarke


Tia Clarke



Louth woman calls on councillors to fix Ardee pothole

An Ardee woman has told the Dundalk Democrat she is "livid" after her car hit a 5-inch deep pothole in an estate in Ardee and busted her tyre. 

Ciara Courtney told how she has been quoted €165 for a new tyre which will take one week to be ordered in. 

The Louth lady has called on local councillors to fix the health and safety issue as soon as possible. 

Ms Courtney said: "I went to visit my friend on Saturday night in Rockfield Close Estate in Ardee. Just before I arrived to her house, I drove into a pothole and busted my tyre. I don’t have the car a month! Straight away I lost pressure from the tyre and as it was so dark, it was hard to see how badly the tyre was damaged.   

"Next morning the tyre was indeed busted. Myself and my father went to see the pothole for ourselves and measured the depth of the pothole. 

"Surely this has to be a health and safety issue? People cycling around estates and children playing. Someone will get very hurt.

"I am in the middle of trying to find out who covers this cost now? I have been quoted €165 for a new tyre and it takes a week to get it.

"I tweeted Louth County Council at the weekend and two local councillors. One councillor did reply but I am still going to be out of pocket because of the state of that road."