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Dundalk man entered storage yard to recover car seized by gardai


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Court Reporter

Dundalk man entered storage yard to take car seized by gardai

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A 33-year-old man who entered a storage yard to recover his car after it was seized by Gardai has had his case adjourned at Dundalk district court so his suitability to perform community service can be assessed.

Martin Joyce with an address at Cherryvale, Bay Estate was charged with unauthorised taking possession of the vehicle.

The court was told Gardai were received a report of the unauthorised taking of a vehicle at GT Recovery, Haggardstown on October seventh last year.

A security shutter was heard operating and a Ford Mondeo drove out once it opened.
Gardai subsequently attended Pinewood Grove, Bay Estate and saw the defendant sitting in the driver’s seat.

In a separate case, the court heard the accused was driving a silver Renault Laguna that was involved in single vehicle collision on the Armagh Road in November 2016. There was no valid insurance or tax on display and Martin Joyce failed to produce the documents within 10 days. The defendant had three previous convictions for burglary, aggravated burglary and robbery – the most recent of which imposed in 2010.

The Defence solicitor said his client has mental health issues including depression and had a problem with alcohol in the past, at the time of the incident he had lapsed.

He said the accused had taken the law into his own hands to take back his car that had been seized the previous day.

The solicitor added the accused has a scar from being the victim of a serious assault while serving a four year sentence.

Martin Joyce told the court he’s clean of drugs now and off methadone.

In putting back the case for him to be assessed by the Probation Service for community service, Judge Eirinn McKiernan said she was only considering that because there was such a gap in offenses but she warned the defendant “You’re not going to get another chance”.