Highly-acclaimed Three Hail Mary’s comes to An Táin in Dundalk

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Highly-acclaimed Three Hail Mary’s comes to An Táin in Dundalk

Highly-acclaimed Three Hail Mary’s comes to An Táin in Dundalk

Next Thursday and Friday night October 17th and 18th the highly-acclaimed Irish comedy ‘3 Hail Mary’s’ by Tommy Marren comes to an Táin Theatre, Dundalk.

The play has had a hugely-successful run which included a UK tour and a six night run at the Olympia Theatre in Dublin and although it’s a rip-roaring comedy it deals with the sensitive subject of dementia. 

The play centres around three characters – namely Mary O’Toole, Mary O’Neill and Mary O’Brien.  The three Mary’s have lived in this nursing home for over 10 years and have become great friends.  However, due to circumstances beyond their control, they are being moved to three separate nursing homes and the play is set around their last few hours together before they get their taxis to take them to different corners of Ireland.

During the course of the play each Mary tells their life-story by way of monologues.  Mary O’Toole is a very religious character who has great devotion to Our Lady of Knock.  Mary O’Neill is a Londoner who met and subsequently married a Kerry man and moved to Ireland.  Finally, Mary O’Brien is a retired nurse who has travelled to almost every corner of the world!

There are other residents in the home who also form an integral part of the storyline. Throughout the play the 3 Marys reminisce, argue, sing and dance with each other but and as the play progresses the audience fall in love with the three main characters.

With dozens of hilarious one-liners the play moves with pace and confusion reigns!  However, their farewells are emotional and this is a play that is emotive as well as funny.

There are a number of twists at the end of the play and it finishes with all 3 Mary’s performing an original song written by Tommy Marren entitled ‘I’m Really Still The Same’ which is written from the perspective of a person who has dementia asking loved ones to treat them the same as they always did.

Without exception the productions has received standing ovations from audiences who are captivated by the characters and the story.

With dementia so prevalent in Ireland this is a play that is as much thought provoking as it is funny and the script has been meticulously crafted to ensure that it is sensitive and compassionate to the subject matter.

3 Hail Mary’s really is a play that entertains and educates and comes to an Táin Theatre, Dundalk this Thursday and Friday night at 8 pm. Tickets available on 042 933 2332 or on line at www.antain.ie