Discarded needles found on Dundalk street

Tia Clarke


Tia Clarke


Discarded needles found on Dundalk street

An image posted by Eugene Garvey on Facebook

Two needles have been found lying on the ground on St Nicholas Avenue in town. 

Eugene Garvey, who ran for Sinn Féin in the local elections back in May took to Facebook to share the shocking image yesterday. 

The local community activist said: "Needles found at the top of St Nicholas Ave, thankfully by an adult and not a child who could easily mistake it as a plaything with the outcome being unthinkable.

"We have arranged for them to be safely disposed of and they have since been removed. 

"The government and local authority have a responsibility to ensure that there is a safe place for needles to be deposed of, that there are places and treatment for drug addicts and that drug dealers face the full rigours of the law

"However we also have a responsibility as individuals, to teach our kids about drugs, if we see needles report them and most importantly tackle the vermin poisoning our communities report their activities to the authorities get them off our streets just like the needles."