Louth County Council address M1 closure fears


David Lynch


David Lynch

Louth County Council address M1 closure fears

Louth County Council address M1 closure fears

In a document seen by the Democrat, Louth County Council have clarified the extent of the potential impact on motorists of the previously announced closure of the M1 motorway over a 10 week period from September 9 to November 16.

According to Louth County Council, the closure will only take place in sections.

"The closure and diversions will be within the sections of the M1 on various dates within the period advertised and not the entire length of the Motorway (from Junctions 10 to Junction 18, and vice versa)."

The statement adds: "The work will be carried out on either direction of the motorway. However, only one direction will be closed at any one time.

"Road closures will generally be between two junctions only. All closures will be minimised in length and duration."

The local authority also say they hope to finish the work ahead of the ten week schedule.

"Every effort will be made to complete the works within a shorter period. We must buld in a contingency for unsuitable weather conditions and the other issues which may affect the works programme."

While the closing times previously advertised were from 7.30pm to 6.30am, the council say this may not always be the case.

"A closure from 7.30pm to 6.30am will be very much the exception rather than the norm. Actual closures may start after 7.30pm and the road is likely to be re-opened before 6.30am each morning."

The impact on time for motorists and commuters will range from an additional five to ten minutes added to their journey, the council say.

"During a typical road closure, between individual junctions, journey times along the alternative diversion routes will increase by approximately 5-10 minutes."

The document also gives breakdown of where the works will predominantly take place.

"It is estimated that 20 percent of the closures will be on the northbound carraigeway, 40 percent on the southbound carraigeway with the remainder at Junction 14 and 16."