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Convicted of assault at former partner’s Dundalk home


Court Reporter


Court Reporter

Convicted of assault at former partner’s Dundalk home

A 25-year-old man who denied assaulting a woman at his former partner’s home in Dundalk, was convicted at the local district court last week following a contested hearing.

Hope Oderinde with an address at Beacon Court, Coe’s Road, Dundalk had pleaded not guilty to assault at an address in Greenacres on June 20, 2017.

The complainant in the case told the court that they were getting the children ready to go to school, when the defendant and his ex had a verbal altercation.

She said he thought she was living there and started giving out to his former partner.

The woman said she was ‘physically dragged’ by the defendant.

When the defence solicitor put it to the witness that his client said would say she was “equally aggressive”, the woman claimed the accused kept saying to her friend “Why do you let a 21 year old speak to me like that?” and he accused his ex of disrespecting him.

The woman said she told him he had no reason to talk about her - when she was right there.

She agreed with the Defence that she had no reason to be in contact with his client. And when he put it to her that she didn’t like him, the witness replied “I don’t know him to not like him”.

The court heard the woman's friend had declined to make a Garda statement.

In the witness box himself, the accused denied assaulting the woman and said "She put a key on my face".

Judge John Coughlan said he preferred the evidence of the woman and convicted him, before applying the Probation Act.