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Dundalk mum-of-two admitted harassing woman


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Court Reporter

Dundalk mum-of-two admitted harassing woman

Dundalk courthouse

A mum of two who admitted harassing a woman who was in a relationship with her ex-partner on social media and in person, had her case adjourned at Dundalk district court last week so a Probation report and a victim impact report can be prepared.

The 25 year old has been told to have no contact with victim or any of her family, as part of an order made by Judge John Coughlan under the Non Fatal Offences Against the Person Act.

The harassment happened between March 15th and April 17th 2017 at the victim's home in Dundalk and the accused was also charged with assaulting the woman on Park Street in the town on August fourth the same year.

The defence solicitor explained to the in-camera sitting that her client - who had no previous convictions, had given birth to a premature baby in 2016, and the child still has difficulties. She said the relationship with her partner became very strained and he became involved with the victim.

The solicitor added the defendant knows she should not have harassed the woman, she was willing to apologise and had 100 euro in court to show her remorse.

The court heard the victim's relationship with the defendant's ex, has since ended. Judge John Coughlan noted that "the birth would have heightened everything", but Sgt. Fintan McGroder pointed out the harassment went on for a number of months - both on social media, and with the accused calling to the victim's home.

The injured party told the court she didn't want the woman to get away with a slap on the wrist and said as recently as Sunday her extended family were calling her names when she's out.

She added the harassment had a big impact on her.

Judge Coughlan told the victim that he believed she should see a psychologist to try and eliminate bad memories.

He adjourned the case to the fourth of September for the preparation of a Probation report and a victim impact report.

Judge Coughlan also made an order that the defendant shall not attend the woman's place of work or residence and should have no contact with her, or the woman's immediate family.

The order also stipulates that the accused should leave any location where the woman and her family are.