Dundalk people are just class, or as a friend says ‘lethal!’

Fr Michael Cusack

Tia Clarke


Tia Clarke


Dundalk people are just class, or as a friend says ‘lethal!’

Dundalk people are just class, or as a friend says ‘lethal!’

Fr Cusack has been a popular figure in Dundalk for the past two decades, he is the current Rector of Redemptorists at St Joseph's, Dundalk

What’s your favourite thing about Dundalk? 

Definitely the people. The people of this town are so welcoming and friendly and warm…. of course there are exceptions!

What would your perfect day in the local area be — and why?   

My perfect day would be having a bit of space to go for a stroll up the town and chat to a few people, maybe even have a wee drink and crown it all with a Singapore noodle!.. Why? Because most days don’t work out as planned!

What would you like to change about Dundalk?  

I’d like to change the impression that some people have of the town because I experience it to be a wonderful place, with welcoming friendly natives… where even a ‘runner’ can belong!

What annoys you about the town?  

Litter louts and airheads who destroy the lovely planting and dump rubbish on roads and ruin the hard work of those who have pride in the place.

What plans do you have for the rest of year? 

I’ll be moving to live in Galway and intend resting up a little and catching up with friends and family. Hopefully I’ll travel a bit too.

How would you describe Dundalk people?

Just class or as a friend of mine says ‘Lethal!’

What's your favourite story you've heard about Dundalk? 

I’m stuck on this one! Too many great stories but Anne Smyth trying to get her Pond’s cream through the customs in England takes the top prize! Ask her yourself… she’s in Mariannes!

What's your favourite Dundalk phrase? 

Not a Bother! And of course C’mon the Town!

Are there still high numbers attending masses in the Redemptorist? Do you think young Irish people and local young people are still being drawn to the church?   

Yes there are still great numbers attending our church, thank God. I think that many young people are losing out by not being part of church since so much good can be witnessed there and a good grounding in Christian values within a church setting can be a life treasure and help people to cope with a very challenging world. Going to church doesn’t make someone ‘good’ but can help in giving a focus on life!

Do you have any favourite experiences of your time serving as a CSSR rector in Dundalk? 

I have so many fantastic memories about my time here in Dundalk. Novenas, weddings, living in Carlinn Hall, so much fun with the locals and of course I have far too many sad journeys with families in times of sickness, tragedy and bereavement.

I have absolutely loved my time here and am truly heavy hearted about moving away. This will always be my home and while I may move residence, my heart stays here. C’mon the Town!

'Fr. Michael Cusack's Farewell Fundraiser' is supporting the Dundalk Simon Community, The Birches Alzheimers Daycare Centre and the Maria Goretti Foundation.

It will be held in the Carrickdale Hotel on Saturday April 13 at 8.00pm and all proceeds go directly to the charities.

Music by 'Us' and plenty of spotprizes, refreshments, dancing and craic on the night. Tickets cost €20 and are available from The Redemptorists, The Carrickdale, Lally's Electrical.

Fr Cusack says he is “looking forward to a great night”.