Local election candidate raises safety concerns over busy Louth school junction

Tia Clarke


Tia Clarke


Local election candidate raises safety concerns over busy Louth school junction

Erin pictured at the turn off to Bush Post Primary School

Erin McGreehan Local Election candidate for Dundalk Carlingford LEA has raised a number of road safety issues with several of the junctions along the Dundalk Carlingford Road.

The Fianna Fail candidate said: "It is an incredibly busy road. There are approximately 10,000 people on the peninsula and the main artery road is the R173.  McGreehan says ‘there are many traffic accidents on this stretch and it needs to be recognised that the cause of many of these accidents are the dangerous junctions’.

"There are several junctions but to name only a few are the ones at Gyles Quay, Rogans Cross, Bush, James Well and Cooley Hall. All these need attention.

"However, with a major extension being planned for the Bush Post Primary School in Riverstown, McGreehan urges ‘that significant road safety measures need to be introduced. Currentl,y there are huge safety concerns for parents and children attending the school and after the extension I can only presume the situation will get worse." 

McGreehan says she believes that: "consideration should be given as to the viability of acquiring land when planning for the extension of the school" and added: "This would provide scope to redesign the traffic/parking conditions.  We need to be proactive rather than reactive to try to prevent a very serious accident. 

"If elected I hope to raise the concerns of individuals and work with the Council and all stakeholders to achieve an improvement in the daily commute for all in North Louth."