Louth students to host school walkouts for climate change

Tia Clarke


Tia Clarke


Louth students to host school walkouts for climate change

Teens from schools across Louth will be taking part in school walk outs to protest against climate change tomorrow. 

Pupils from Ardee Community School (who organised the protest), the Grammar school, the Bush, St.Vincents and Colaiste Lu will gather at Market Square, Dundalk from 12pm.

The strike will see local teens stand in solidarity with youths from across the globe to call for Governments to act now on global warming. 

The climate action group from Ardee Community School said: "As you may already be aware, on Friday 15th of March there will be school strikes taking place all over the globe in order to provoke action from the governments in the face of the threat of climate change. So far, these strikes have taken place in over 100 countries, concentrated in well over 270 major cities. 

"The Irish strikes (SchoolStrike4ClimateIreland) are due to take place in Dublin and Cork on March 15th, however, none have yet been planned in Louth. Our plan is to stage a 2.5 hour walkout/strike from schools in Louth demonstration outside the courthouse at the market square from 11:30 - 1:30. There will be speeches from local politicians and leaflets will be distributed. 

"We (students of Ardee Community School) will be looking after the logistics of the strike; such as press, the publicity, politicians, pamphlets, microphones, etc. All we need is your attendance.

"The advantage of the schools in the Dundalk vicinity is that they are all within walking distance of the proposed location for the strike, which makes it very accessible. The students from Ardee will look after our own means of getting there.

"What makes the “Louth Strike for Climate” a unique event is that we will have a list of more specific and pragmatic demands for the Irish government. Of course, We are no experts on climate change, but we don’t plan on standing around for 2 hours, mindlessly stating “We want change!”. By simply turning up with droves of students on Friday, you will have done your part for the futures of young people around the world.

"We will be under the umbrella of the “FridaysForFuture” protests as well as the “ SchoolStrike4ClimateChangeIrel and”.

"This is a global movement, not simply a day off for the students. We are heading for a crisis and our government simply isn’t doing enough to stop it. County-wide awareness of this issue is urgently needed. Not only will the strikes achieve this, but they will act as a catalyst to further activism in bringing about governmental action."