Dundalk people are "AMAZING! Loyal, generous and extremely supportive"

Tia Clarke


Tia Clarke


Dundalk people are "AMAZING! Loyal, generous and extremely supportive"

Zoe Murphy with her parents Eamon and Lynda

Lynda Bannon and her partner Eamon Murphy are the proud parents of two-year-old Zoe Murphy. Dundalk people raised €100,000 to send Zoe to the US for surgery 

What's Zoe's favourite thing about Dundalk?
Without a doubt Dundalk FC, or “her boys” as she calls them.

What would your perfect day in the local area be — and why?
Breakfast in Ma Brady’s and then a trip to Aura swimming pool with Zoe to work her muscles in the water.

What would you like to change about Dundalk?
The reputation Dundalk has to people outside of the town.

What annoys you about the town?
The Longwalk area that used to be the hub of activity seems very vacant. I’d love to see it get more life put into it and the Carroll Village area rejuvenated.

What plans do you have for the rest of the year?  
Confirmation in March and then we’ll be spending a lot of time doing physio to build Zoe up for surgery and pray that we get to the U.S before the year is out.

How would you describe Dundalk people?
AMAZING. Loyal, generous and extremely supportive!

What local amenities could Dundalk do with?
We lack special needs facilities such as hydrotherapy and hippo therapy, these activities are major for a lot of different needs, and if we lived in Meath these services would be readily available to us.

What's your favourite story you've heard about Dundalk?
The Zoe Murphy Appeal meets the “food” McLoughlin cup.
From such a tragic sad story a group of Roberts friends could change a young girls life.

Favourite place for a drink in town?
The Rumhouse, never had a bad experience, and also the Townhouse for pre-drink cocktail and dinner.

What's your favourite Dundalk slang/phrase?
C’MON THE TOWN! (Had to say this or else Zoe would be annoyed!)

Do you think Dundalk people are generous?
When a family from the biggest county in Ireland advised us to prepare for at least 18 months of fundraising, the people of Dundalk proved them wrong as we achieved it in five months. This speaks volumes about when one of Dundalk's own needs help, everyone gets behind them.

Not only are Dundalk people generous, but they are also absolutely amazing. The heart of Dundalk makes every other town small. We are probably the proudest and most blessed parents to raise our children in Dundalk right now and we will always be so grateful to “The Town”.