Dundalk election candidate hits out at out of order parking meters

Tia Clarke


Tia Clarke


Dundalk election candidate hits out at out of order parking meters

Eoin Daly pictured with one of the out of order parking meters in Dundalk town centre

Green Party election candidate for the Dundalk/Carlingford area, Eoin Daly has hit out at out of order parking meters across Dundalk.

Daly took to Facebook to say: “The parking meters have long been an issue for people coming into town.

“Both of the meters in the Park Avenue area were not working yesterday (Thursday, 14 February) with this one being permanently out of service.

“I've also heard of experiences where people have been given parking tickets despite notifying the council of several meters in the area being out of order.

“This is not the kind of value for money that we should expect and allowing them to fall into disrepair in the way that they have is completely unacceptable. If people are to be expected to pay to park when coming into the town, the very least the council can do is keep the equipment in working order.”

The Green Party candidate for the upcoming May elections added: “While new meters are on the way, I would expect that as part of their installation a proper maintenance and reporting plan is put in place to ensure that this doesn't happen again.

“I will also be calling on the council to re-evaluate their strategies around pay parking in the area as the current one appears to no longer fit for purpose. I believe that we should all expect better.”