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Quick-thinking north Louth kids save granny’s life

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Quick-thinking north Louth kids save granny’s life

Ruby, Tommy and Kacey Hynes with their grandmother Geraldine

The quick-thinking of Tommy and Ruby Hynes from north Louth earned them great praise last week for saving the life of their grandmother Geraldine, who suffered a seizure at her home in Bellurgan.

Tommy (10) was staying overnight with his sisters Ruby (8) and Kacey (4) at Geraldine’s home.

However the next morning, Tommy noticed that something was wrong with his grandmother, who was struggling to move and communicate and he became very concerned for her.

He called his parents, who were in Monaghan at the time, and after alerting them to the situation they were able to contact emergency services.

Tommy and Ruby took care of their grandmother and younger sister in the meantime until help arrived 45 minutes later.

Tommy was also able to relay to the paramedics Geraldine's symptoms to help aid the attention she would receive.

Afterwards Tommy and Ruby were greatly praised by paramedics and medical staff and in the words of Geraldine, who is now recovering at home following a hospital stay, “Tommy saved my life”.

Family and friends are all very proud of Tommy and Ruby as are the staff and children in Bellurgan National School where Tommy and Ruby are pupils.