Christmas ruined for Dundalk family after dad deported

"We need him back here where he belongs," says mum

Tia Clarke


Tia Clarke


Christmas ruined for Dundalk family after dad deported

A Dundalk mum is facing a harrowing Christmas after her partner and the father of five of her children was deported earlier this month.

Amanda Crowe has set up an online petition on to appeal to the Minister for Justice Charlie Flanagan to let her husband Mark Morris return home from South Africa.

Mr Morris, a South African national, was deported on December 7th. According to a media reports he was detained at Dundalk Garda station the day before and was told he must “sign on” there on a monthly basis as he had a deportation order dating back to 2009.

Speaking on petition page Mark's wife Amanda, who says his deportation was illegal wrote: “My partner and childrens father was deported from Ireland this week. Myself and the kids are distraught.

“My partner was the main carer for the six children as I was studying full time. Two of the children have disabilities. Ireland has been his home for the past 11 years. We need him back here where he belongs.”

Commenting on the online petition Jackie Robertson said: “Who in their right minds would take a father from their kids and partner? Also, he had been living here for 11 years.”

The couple have twins aged three and a seven-month-old baby. Mr Morris came to Ireland in 1999 with a work permit to work in a factory in Co Cavan. He had to return to South Africa in 2001 and came back to Ireland in 2007 following an invitation from his brother who is a legal resident in Ireland.

South Africans can stay in Ireland without a Visa for up to three months. However, Mr Morris overstayed his welcome and was issued with a deportation order in 2009. 

You can view the petition at: