Drug use is visible on streets of Dundalk says local TD

Nicola Finnegan Duffy


Nicola Finnegan Duffy



Drug use is visible on streets of Dundalk says local TD

A stronger Garda presence is needed in Dundalk to curb anti-social behaviour in the town

Local TD Declan Breathnach has said that he can see evidence of obvious drug use occurring from his own consistency office in Dundalk town centre.

Speaking to The Democrat, Deputy Breathnach said: “Drug use is becoming acute in Dundalk but also in local villages, this crime has now moved from the border areas and is becoming a more prominent issue”.

The TD also went on to say that the public needs to remain vigilant and be “the eyes and ears for the local community and if they see such activity occurring, it should be reported to Gardaí”.

The TD also went on to highlight the role of parents in helping to resolve this issue.

“Parents and families also need to be extremely vigilant as gangs are using young people as a way to move drugs". “Education is also extremely important in tackling this issue” concluded Breathnach.

Local Councillor Emma Coffey made similar comments and stated that Garda resourcing is a serious issue.

“Louth County itself has six Gardai assigned to the divisional drugs unit for the entire county, this has remained unchanged since 2012.”

He added: “As a result of this, you only have to walk through not just Dundalk but any of our cities or towns to see that drug abuse is on the rise. The drugs racket is bigger and more profitable, not putting the adequate Garda resources to tackle this area will only result in more drug-related abuse and crime in our towns.

"This and the reduction and or removing of Garda stations in communities in rural and small town area has allowed criminals to invade communities across the country. Not increasing Garda resources shows that the Gardaí are being severely hampered in preventing and investigating drug-related crime.”

Cllr Coffey also called for a strong programme of measures to tackle drug crime and to “help the ever-increasing number of victims of drugs”.