Dundalk District Court

Dundalk man seen carrying slash hook outside home


David Lynch


David Lynch

Dundalk man seen carrying slash hook outside home

Dundalk courthouse

A 53 year old man who claimed he was carrying a slash hook on the street outside his home in Cox’s Demesne for gardening purposes, has been sentenced to 240 hours community service – instead of a two month sentence. 

William Smith of Aisling Park, Dundalk was before the local district court for having possession of a slash hook at Aisling Park, Dundalk on September 18th 2017 and having a retractable knife with a sharply pointed blade. 

An earlier hearing in October was told by the Defence that the accused had the slash hook in his hand and was arrested in his front garden but Insp. Martin Beggy said Mr. Smith had been observed carrying the slash hook on the road before he walked back into the garden. 

The defence barrister said her client had used the knife that was recovered for laying carpet that morning and added that he had a lot of alcohol consumed and doesn't remember how or why he had the slash hook. 

After the Defence counsel told Judge John Coughlan her client had the slash hook for  gardening purposes, the judge dismissed the claim saying "A slash hook is not a normal gardening implement. That's garbage." 

The case was adjourned so his suitability to perform community service, could be assessed and last Wednesday after he was told the defendant was a suitable candidate, Judge John Cheatle confirmed the order.