Aoife Heffron's top tips for looking after your makeup hygiene

Aoife Heffron


Aoife Heffron


Aoife Heffron's top tips for looking after your makeup hygiene

Aoife Heffron from Dundalk

In my last piece, I discussed my adult acne issues and reviewed the DIBI Milano Pure Equaliser facial from Studio 58 Beauty.

One breakout preventative tip I took away from my visit to the salon was to wash my make up brushes regularly and to have two or three foundation brushes I can use in rotation during breakouts.

Makeup brushes are a breathing ground for bacteria and although we all know we SHOULD wash them regularly, we don't. It's a hateful time-consuming task, so I looked for an easy way out, The Sytlepro!

The Stylpro is a battery-powered makeup brush cleaner and dryer. It is expensive but is currently on offer at Boots, was €69.99 now €52.49. In my opinion, it is worth the money, especially if you are lazy with your brush maintenance.

It comes with; eight rubber collars, a glass bowl, two sachets of brush cleaning fluid and the pièce de résistance the StylPro pen and spindle.

To use, you simply attach any makeup brush to one of the of eight collars and then attach the brush and collar to the spindle and StylPro.

Next dunk the brush into the water and brush cleaning solution for about 10 seconds, then hit the switch and spin for another 10 seconds or until satisfied.

Finally remove your brush from the water and allow to spin for a further 10 seconds to dry. If you are just looking for an effective brush cleaner and don't want the expense of the StylPro, their MakeUp Brush Cleanser Solution is effective and is available at Kieran's Avenue Pharmacy at €9.99.

I was concerned with my eye brushes as they were left a bit frayed after use, but a quick reshape with a tissue or towel seemed to solve that issue.

For some of my denser brushes I did however notice that the smaller bristles closer to the base of the brush didn't clean as well as the rest, but my brushes were embarrassingly dirty so that could have attributed to the residue.

As for the drying aspect of the StylPro, I was amazed at how 'ready to use' the brushes were after being cleaned. It genuinely does dry your brushes.

Dense brushes may need another whirl outside of the recommended 10 seconds to ensure the excess is off, but the days of waiting hours for your brushes to dry are well and truly over if you decide to purchase the StylPro.

All in all, I really liked the StylPro and feel it has been exactly what I have been looking for to ensure my makeup brushes are kept clean and free from bacteria, thus keeping my skin free from infections and spots.