Louth shoppers lives at risk on lethal NI road warns Newry mum

The mum of A1 crash victim Karl Heaney is calling for urgent road upgrades

Tia Clarke


Tia Clarke


Louth shoppers lives at risk on lethal NI road warns Newry mum

Karl Heaney

A Newry family say that Dundalk shoppers heading across the border this Christmas have a right to know about how unsafe Northern Irish roads are.

Monica Heaney, whose son Karl was tragically killed in a road traffic accident on the A1 dual carriageway between Banbridge and Dromore on May 23, 2018 as he travelled to work in Belfast, has started an online petition to call for an urgent upgrade to the dangerous road which has claimed many lives.

Speaking to the Democrat, Ms. Heaney said: “This road will be really busy in the run up to Christmas, with drivers from the North, but also people coming from the South. It's the main road between Dublin and Belfast. I think people don't realise how dangerous it is.”

Ms. Heaney and other members of Karl's family, including his girlfriend Ciara Sands, say that they are beyond frustrated after spending months trying to find out why safety upgrades, which were first proposed in 2011, have yet to be implemented.

Monica explained: “Through our own research we found out that these plans first began to form in 2007. The proposed development was published in 2011 with eight stages with the seventh stage being the beginning of construction.

“We are coming to the end of 2018 now and these plans are still only at stage three. This is not good enough. It's madness that this is continuing.”

The Newry woman continued: “It was so heartbreaking to see that there were plans in place to make this road safer, but they were never put into action. It could have saved my son's life. Why is this not a priority? Something has blocked these plans. We want answers.

“A man and his daughter were killed on the road just last month. My heart breaks every time I hear news like this and it's only a matter of time until someone else is killed.

“I've already lost Karl. I don't want anyone else to have to suffer the same pain that my family went through. I feel responsible. I implore people to sign our petition." 

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