Met Éireann warns of "very disturbed weather" for Louth as country set to catch tail end of hurricane

Tia Clarke


Tia Clarke


Met Éireann warns of "very disturbed weather" for Louth as country set to catch tail end of hurricane

Dundalk on a stormy day

Met Éireann has warned that Louth, and the entire country, could be in for "very disturbed weather" with a "risk of extremely windy conditions with heavy rainfall" from the start of next week.  

Weather chiefs are warning that Ireland could catch the tail end of Hurricane Helene as it u-turns away from America.

Met Éireann said: "There is a lot of uncertainty in the details for early next week but indications are for very disturbed weather. Mild, very humid conditions are expected to develop during Monday, with rain moving up from the south in freshening southerly winds. There is a risk of some extremely windy conditions with heavy rainfall on Monday night or Tuesday but there is a large degree of uncertainty in details at present."  

Local weather expert Louth Weather said the following in his latest forecast.  

"THURSDAY: Dull and cloudy with hill fog. A lot of dry weather today, but some patchy periods of light rain will occur now and again. Max 16°C. Moderate SW winds.

"FRIDAY: Cloudy and damp for most of the morning with light rain or drizzle. The afternoon will be brighter with occasional showers. Max 15°C. Moderate to fresh westerly winds.

"SATURDAY: Mostly cloudy but overall dry. Max 15°C. Light to moderate SW winds. Some light rain Saturday night, though it will be mild and humid with temperatures staying above 15°C.

"SUNDAY: Another cloudy but mostly dry day. Slightly milder at 16°C."

He also made some predictions about how Louth would be affected by the tail end of Hurricane Helene. 

He said: "NEXT WEEK: It looks like the status quo of the past four weeks will end. This produced quite boring and mostly cloudy conditions. Next week sees the jet stream sink south, with a strong SW flow bringing two, if not three, low-pressure systems sweeping NE close to, or across Ireland. It's uncertain how close these will be, or indeed how deep they will develop, but either way I think we'll be seeing much more autumnal and windy conditions next week. Monday night into early Tuesday should see the first of these lows arrive, so keep an eye out for my updates."