Dundalk mum Tracy makes final push for housing funding for disabled son

The mum hopes to raise more money after finding suitable accommodation

Tia Clarke


Tia Clarke



Bungalow for Brendan: Dundalk mum's housing battle

Tracy McGinnis and her son Brendan

Dundalk mum Tracy McGinnis is in the final leg of her battle to secure suitable housing for her “profoundly disabled” 13-year-old son Brendan, who is undergoing a major spinal fusion operation this summer.

The Dundalk-based mum recently started a GoFundMe Page in a desperate bid to raise funds to purchase a home privately as the family's current rental home will not be equipped to deal with Brendan's specific needs when he is recovering from his operation. 

Ms McGinnis is pushing to secure the final amount of funding through the online platform after she received an offer of a private loan in recent weeks which would cover half the cost of a bungalow in Wexford which would suit the family's needs.

Tracy, who also has another young son called Declan, has currently raised almost €30,000, but still has some way to go before reaching the €125,000 target.

On her blog, www.transitioningangels.com, Tracy explained the urgency of the situation by saying:

“Brendan will be undergoing a spinal fusion operation this summer because of drastically worsening scoliosis that is literally crushing his internal organs and requires a properly equipped suitably modified bungalow" or else he "won't be allowed to come home" to get the care he needs after the operation.”

Last week Tracy tweeted: “I've received an offer of a private loan for half the cost of the #BungalowForBrendan! I now just need to raise the balance. 5K donations of just €20 each will get it done.”

Ms. McGinnis also outlined on her blog how she had been in touch with local housing authorities to no avail and was subsequently forced to take matters into her own hands.