Louth Cllr Anne Campbell says Ard Dealgan must be completed on schedule

Work is due to begin on the Quay Street apartment complex

Tia Clarke


Tia Clarke



Louth Cllr Anne Campbell says Ard Dealgan must be completed on schedule

The Ard Dealgan complex which has been renamed as Halliday Mills

Louth Councillor Anne Campbell is pushing for the redevelopment of the Halliday Mills apartment complex, formerly known as Ard Dealgan, to be completed on schedule.

Louth councillors were informed that the works to the Quay Street development would be completed by Q2 2019 - the period between May and June next year.

Local Sinn Fein Cllr Anne Campbell 

More than 60 families who are on Louth County Council’s housing list will be accommodated in the complex.

In March of this year Celtic Social Housing Development Co Ltd signed a contract with Túath Housing to bring 68 units at the Dundalk development back into use.

Flats will also be available to applicants on Louth County Council’s social housing list.

Cllr Campbell told The Dundalk Democrat: “I hope the contractors are making the most of the weather. We have been promised that it will be completed by Q2 2019. I was down at the site recently and there is a lot of work to do.”

The local Cllr added that the priority is to get the families who are currently waiting on a home settled in their new homes as soon as possible.

She said: “Of course, we must think of the 54 families and getting them housed.

“There is a good mix of housing there. A lot of three and four bedroom flats. I hope the contractors use the time wisely.”

Cllr Campbell added that she was pleased with the progress so far and the fact that the site had been secured to curb anti-social behaviour.

She said: “I am glad to hear that work is starting now. The complex has been such a blight on the community in terms of attracting anti-social behaviour.

“Even the fact that the site is now secured, I believe there is 24-hour security on the site now, is progress. We’re playing the end game now.”

Ard Dealgan, which was built by Tom McFeely’s Coalport Building Company, has been vacant since it was the subject of a Fire Closure Notice in 2009.

The 68 new units will be leased by Tuath Housing for a 20 year period.