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Dundalk Gardai object to taxi driver’s license

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Dundalk Gardai object to taxi driver’s license

Steps have been taken to object to the renewal of a taxi driver’s licence, after he behaved in a threatening and abusive manner towards a Garda Sergeant in the early hours of New Year’s Day, Dundalk District Court heard last week.

Victor Eghaghe (52) of College Manor, Dundalk was summonsed for refusing to give his name or address, driving without a driving licence, driving without insurance and obstructing Park Street, Dundalk with a vehicle on January 1st last.

The defence solicitor told the court that there was insurance in place and the incident occurred on New Year’s morning, when his client was driving a taxi and there were issues on the street.

The solicitor added that while he hadn’t been cooperative with the Garda sergeant, the taxi driver had apologised at the time.

He explained that his client’s driving licence was taken from him and he was in the process of obtaining a duplicate.

Judge John Coughlan adjourned the summons for driving without a licence until July 25th.

However, he imposed two fines of €500 each for failing to give a name and address and using threatening, abusive or insulting behaviour.

The judge said his court “won’t tolerate the guards being abused in Dundalk”.

He added that he was in two minds to object to the defendant’s licence over his behaviour. The Judge told the sergeant that he should object to the renewal of the defendant’s taxi licence and was told that has already been done.