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Dundalk FC fan joins Korean fans at World Cup game in Russia


David Lynch


David Lynch


Dundalk man joins Korean fans at World Cup game in Russia

Kilsaran-native and Dundalk FC fan Raymond McMorrow

Kilsaran-native and Dundalk FC fan Raymond McMorrow, joined fans from Mexico and Korea as he attended their final group game on Saturday in Rostov in Russia.

Raymond, who made the trip with his son Christy, was sporting his Dundalk FC colours with pride in the stadium.

He spoke to The Democrat about their journey so far.

"We were lucky to travel down by train to Rostov with the Mexicans and then to Sochi with the Peruvians. Rostov was a surprisingly attractive port city and the locals were in awe of the Mexico effect.

"The usual welcome as Irish fans to the city, beautiful food ( and vodka of course). The stadium across the river created a great musical festival of fans. South Koreans all remember Ireland with affection and its not often you see Russian men so happy and proud. Many local Cossack people described how the visitors made them proud of their city as we enjoyed their city.

"SOCHI is a massive Miami-like resort so much more used to visitors and a real holiday feel. The Olympic park is in the neighbouring town so long trek out of town. But it is a beautiful stadium and the Peruvian drums and singing was even better than the Mexicans. They have remarkable rhythm in their songs and how I'd love to see a game between them and the Irish.

"They were quieter out of the ground, but took real interest in our Irish presence, googling Dundalk to talk football with us. All the Russians, Mexicans, Koreans and Peruvians were appreciative of us coming to see their game. They are sometimes a little dubious of whether Europeans love the game as much as they do!!

"The Georgian food is a must if you travel this way."