Flag day to raise funds for famine graveyard restoration this Saturday

Dundalk Graveyard Association have organised the event

Tia Clarke


Tia Clarke


Flag day to raise funds for famine graveyard restoration this Saturday

A sign at Dundalk Famine Graveyard PICTURE: Arthur Kinahan

Dundalk Graveyard Association is calling on members of the public for support to help rebuild Dundalk's Famine Graveyard.

The local association is hoping locals will dig deep for their flag day bucket collection which will be held in Dundalk on Saturday 30th June.

Using the money raised on the flag day, the local association hope to rebuild the surrounding walls in the cemetery which have been overgrown and are collapsing in different parts.

A Dundalk Graveyard Association member said: “This is a unique historic cemetery and a reminder of a tragic period in our history when the Famine ravished our country. We are asking people to please support our collectors on Saturday 30th June.”

The Dundalk Graveyard Association was founded in 2000 with the sole purpose of restoring the Famine Graveyard to a dignified condition.

The one-acre site is situated in the townland of Killally, Ardee Road, Dundalk. The cemetery was closed in 1905 and remained largely neglected until the Dundalk Graveyard Association started work on it.

A service of remembrance will be held at the graveyard, located off the Ardee Road at the turnoff for Hynestown. on Sunday 5th August at 7pm.

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