How to survive hayfever season as the good weather returns to Louth

We spoke to local pharmacist Anne McEntegart and local Health and Nutrition Coach Lisa Dunbar

Tia Clarke


Tia Clarke


How to survive hayfever season as the good weather makes a comeback

Pollen levels are very high this summer

As temperatures look set to rise again next week, many hayfever sufferers will be keeping an eye on the pollen forecasts and Googling remedies in a bid to avoid pesky allergies.

The Life Pharmacy in Seatown, Dundalk specializes in advice for hayfever sufferers offering a number of information leaflets on the subject, over the counter advice from hayfever expert and Life Pharmacy owner, Anne Mcentegart, and a number of effective medications.

Anne says that this summer has been one of their busiest yet in terms of treating people with hayfever.

“The pollen count is very high this year. I had an American tourist in today who had never had hayfever before and he was suffering really badly with his eyes. It's definitely been our busiest summer yet for treating hayfever” she explains.

When it comes to advice, Anne says the best approach is a common sense one. The local pharmacist explains:

“A lot of the advice we give out is common sense. I would advise people to check the pollen counts, which are available on Met Eireann's website, once the weather heats up.

“Another good tip is, if you see someone mowing the lawn nearby, don't open your doors and windows. If you want to cool the house down, just draw the curtains instead of having to open the windows.”

The Seatown pharmacist also advises: “A small bit of Vaseline inside the nostrils will act as a barrier against pollen and is very effective.”

Anne also advises people to ensure that they are blocking out incoming air through their car's air conditioning system as well as closing the windows during long summer drives.

The Dundalk pharmacist adds: “If you are outside during pollen season, make sure to have a shower once you get back home to wash the pollen away. For children who have been playing outside, get them showered and into clean PJ's.”

In terms of medication, Anne says that Piriton is the “absolute best” and advises hayfever sufferers to take the drowsy medicine before bed to wake up 'symptom-free”.

The local pharmacist also recommends the Hayband for people, such as children and pregnant women looking for a drug-free option.

There are also dietary steps you can take to manage your hayfever symptoms this summer. Local Nutrition and Health Coach Lisa Dunbar explains: “In terms of diet and food, because dairy promotes mucus production, it can often exasperate symptoms, so some people can manage their symptoms better by cutting down on or eliminating dairy during flare-ups.

“It is also always a good idea (for everyone, not just hayfever sufferers!) to eat more foods that are naturally antihistamine and naturally anti-inflammatory, so plenty of wholefoods, particularly a wide variety of vegetables and fruit, and to cut down on pro-inflammatory foods such as junk food, excessive sugar and other processed foods.”