Slimming World Man of the Year Tommy shares his weight loss tips

Tommy Tennyson has lost an impressive 7 and a half stone

Tia Clarke


Tia Clarke


Slimming World Man of the Year Tommy shares his weight loss tips

Tommy Tennyson

Dundalk man Tommy Tennyson says he feels as “fit as a 30-year-old” after losing a whopping seven and a half stone with the help of Slimming World.

Tommy, who is from Belfry Gardens, credits Slimming World with much of his success in turning his health around.

Tommy Tennyson at his home in Belfry Gardens Picture: Arthur Kinahan 

As a result of his impressive weight loss and regular exercise, Tommy managed to reduce his diabetes medication by 50% and has no need for his cholesterol medication anymore.

It would be an understatement to say that Tommy himself, his doctors, family and friends are thrilled with his results.

And to top off this good news story he has also just been named as Slimming World’s Man of the Year 2018.

The local father-of-four told The Dundalk Democrat that he first began piling on the weight a few years back, after he underwent a double bypass surgery and was housebound for four months.

Tommy went to his first Slimming World meeting at The Geraldine’s GFC Haggardstown and recalls: “I lost three stone and left the group thinking I’d go it alone, but I put all of the weight back on.”

Tommy pictured before and after his weight loss 

After some encouragement from his daughters Karen and Yvonne, Tommy decided to go back to the weight loss group in October 2016 and he hasn't looked back since.

In addition to the support he received at the group and at home, determined Tommy had a few tricks of his own to help avoid any downfalls in his weight loss journey.

“If my wife Patricia ordered a takeaway, I used to just leave the house. I'd go for a walk or a drive and come back when the coast was clear. But now it doesn’t bother me at all. I've found a new healthier way of eating now,” he explains.

In addition to the massive changes Tommy made to his diet, the Dundalk man has also integrated exercise into his new lifestyle.

“Every day, around nine in the morning, I park the car in Blackrock village and head off for a walk. I’d do about four kilometers in a loop,” he says.

And when asked what he would say any men out there who want to lose weight but might feel apprehensive about going to their local Slimming World Group Tommy says he would offer the following advice:

“My advice, to anyone who has a problem with their weight, men and women, get up the courage and go to Slimming World and stick with the plan. It’ll be the best thing you ever did.

“When I go, I make sure to stay until the end of the session. I feel like it’s going to visit my family now.”

He adds: “Everyone is very friendly there and you should also remember that everyone, no matter what size they are, is there to lose weight, so there’s no judgment.”

The social side of the weekly Slimming World groups is another thing Tommy enjoys.  “Apart from losing the weight, I also look forward to heading every week to see everyone. There’s a great social aspect to it too,” the father-of-four explains.

Looking back on how far he has come, Tommy says it’s the small, simple differences in his life that make a big difference to him now.

He explains: “When I had all the weight on if I was on a plane heading on holidays and wanted to have a meal or have a drink, I wasn’t able to pull the table down. Small things like this make the world of difference. People who have struggled with their weight will understand.”

And it’s onwards and upwards for this determined Dundalk man, who says he’ll keep returning to his Slimming World classes every Friday.

Mr. Tennyson adds: “I feel as fit as a 30-year-old now. I feel absolutely great!”