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Local journalists labelled ‘computer hackers’


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Local journalists labelled ‘computer hackers’

Dundalk courthouse

A 50-year-old man charged with public order offences in a courtroom and the lobby at Dundalk Courthouse, who last month accused three court reporters of being “a criminal gang”, had his case adjourned last Wednesday so a Probation report can be prepared.

Michael O’Hagan of Mary Street North, Dundalk made a new claim – accusing the journalists in court of being computer hackers.

The investigating Garda told Judge John Coughlan that the accused had become abusive towards solicitors and gardai in Dundalk district court on May 2nd last, shortly after 11am and was directed to leave.

However, the Garda said Mr. O’Hagan continued to use profane language towards gardai in front of members of the public outside the courtroom, having been told to desist.

The court heard the defendant was arrested for public order offences and refused to give his name and address.

Mr. O’Hagan told Judge Coughlan he had put all of his case down in writing to him last July and claimed that it is so highly technical and highly sophisticated a crime that he can’t explain it.

The defendant then went on to again call the three reporters in court criminals and claimed they were computer hackers and had harassed and libelled him.

Judge Coughlan ordered an updated Probation report and put back the case to the 3rd of October.