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Case against man who told painter to ‘F**k away off’ dismissed


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Case against man who told painter to ‘F**k away off’ dismissed

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A 59-year-old man who contested a charge of assaulting a Polish man who had called to the wrong house for a decorating job, had the case against him dismissed at Dundalk District Court last week.

Paul McKeown of Mooretown, Dromiskin told Judge John Coughlan he couldn’t read the business card that was produced by the man when he confronted him and he had told him to “F*** away off”.

The complainant in the case, speaking through an interpreter told the court he had knocked at the door of the house, but got no answer and as he was going back to his van, someone came out the side door of the building.

He said he told him who he was and the name of the woman he was looking for who had hired him to work.

The witness said after each question the man asked, he got more and more angry and he became aggressive. He said he told the man there was mix-up about the address and got into his van, but said the defendant was shouting constantly and was up close to him face to face and tried to grab his phone from his hand.

The Defence solicitor said his client lives 200 yards down a lane, and the complainant who has little English could not explain to him who h was, and he was concerned for his well-being and ushered him away.

He added the defendant has never been in trouble before, and described it as an unjustified prosecution. Insp. Martin Beggy said that when questioned the accused had denied any knowledge of the incident taking place.

Mr. McKeown told the court the complainant had asked for a woman, and if she was in and he had asked the decorator what he wanted her for.

He said the man then produced a card, but he told the court he had no glasses on him to read it. He added “I said what the f*** are you doing at my house?” and that he had told him to get the *** away from it.

Judge John Coughlan, in dismissing the case, said “I think this is a misunderstanding between two people over a lack of English”.