Dundalk man Tommy gets new lease of life after shedding 7 stone

Tommy has reduced his diabetes medication by 50% and is now off his cholesterol medication too

Tia Clarke


Tia Clarke


Dundalk man Tommy gets new lease on life after shedding 7 stone

Tommy pictured before he lost 7 stone

Dundalk man Thomas Tennyson has been named as Slimming World's Man of the Year 2018 after he lost a whopping 7 stone and turned his ill-health around. 

The local dad first began piling on the weight a few years back, after he underwent a double bypass surgery and was housebound for four months. 

However, his daughters Karen and Yvonne reached out and encouraged their dad to Join a local Slimming World group with them to help get him back on track. 

Tommy lost a few stone, however he soon left the group thinking he could go it alone, but unfortunately regained all the weight back and more. 

Thomas pictured after his weight loss 

Tommy rejoined group in 2016, in order to get additional support than the support he was getting at home from his wife. This time, he gave up high-calorie foods like fried chips, white bread, butter, crisps and fizzy drinks. 

Tommy also says he started to think differently about food and learned to make homemade soups packed with plenty of vegetables and develop a real taste for fish and salads. 

One of his other keys to success was that when the family ordered a takeaway Tommy would leave the house and go out for a walk or a drive and come back when the coast is clear. 

He also keeps a bag of apples and punnets of cherry tomatoes in the car at all times if the munchies attack.

His favourite meal is homemade Slimming World meal is the sweet potato fries and a burger, which uses 5% fat mince and is free on plan.

Tommy is delighted his Slimming World success and says he is "never hungry" or ever "feels deprived on plan". 

The Dundalk man also told how he loves the group support he gets each week from his consultant Lynne and also his fellow slimmers which he attends every Friday 9:30am in The Geraldine’s GFC Haggardstown. 

The Slimming World Man of the Year also said staying in the group gets you all the hints, tips and motivation for the week ahead and added that "paying and weighing" wasn’t an option for him and he wouldn’t miss his weekly group. 

In addition to attending the Slimming World meetings, Tommy took up walking after a few months.

He started with 5 minutes per day and had to use a stick to help him walk, but he now regularly walks 5K at least 4-5 times per week and no longer needs his stick. 

As a result of the 7:5st weight loss and activity levels Tommy has reduced his diabetes medication by 50% and is now off his cholesterol medication. His GP and Heart Specialist are both thrilled with his results. 

Tommy success also inspired his son to join a group in Dublin and he had lost 1:5 stones in 5 weeks. 

Tommy feels very positive about his future and maintaining his weight, and says that he will still be in group every week, as he needs that one hour for himself to help him stay on target. 

His advice to anyone thinking about losing weight is: "Find a group and get to the group, but number one stay with the group.  The 1st weigh-in is the hardest, but after that you’ll be fine."