Dundalk mum starts online fundraiser in desperate bid to secure home for disabled son

Tracy McGinnis' son Brendan needs suitable housing urgently to recover from a major operation

Tia Clarke


Tia Clarke



Tracy McGinnis

Dundalk mum Tracy McGinnis and her 13-year-old son Brendan

Dundalk mum Tracy McGinnis has started a GoFundMe Page in a desperate bid raise funds for suitable housing for her profoundly disabled 13-year-old son, Brendan. 

On the page she explained Brendan will be undergoing a spinal fusion operation this summer "because of drastically worsening scoliosis that is literally crushing his internal organs" and requires a "properly equipped suitably modified bungalow" or else he "won't be allowed to come home" to get the care he needs after the operation. 

Tracy has so far reached €17,127 of the €250,000 funding goal through online donations. 

Ms. McGinnis said: "I am putting whatever little pride I have left and laying it aside for my son, Brendan Bjorn. In only a few months time, he will be getting a spinal fusion. He requires a safe, suitable bungalow for his recovery or he won’t be allowed to come home. I simply cannot let that happen." 

Oh her blog Transitioning Angels Tracy explained the situation: "Brendan requires a properly equipped, suitably modified bungalow for his lone-parent mother to safely continue her full time 24/7 care of him,  especially when that operation is completed. 

"We (Brendan, his younger brother Declan, and their mum Tracy) currently live in a rental home that doesn’t meet those requirements." 

Ms. McGinnis also outlined on her blog how she had been in touch with local housing authorities to no avail and so was forced to take matters into her own hands. 

Brendan's mum added: "There is no suitable social housing available and the wait list is years long. This loving family needs a bungalow by the time Brendan undergoes the spinal fusion operation or he won’t be able to come home after the surgery. This cannot be allowed to happen!" 

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