REPORT: Whiskey warehouses 'won't be in Co Louth'


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Staff Reporter


REPORT: Whiskey warehouses 'won't by in Co Louth'

REPORT: Whiskey warehouses 'won't by in Co Louth'

According to a report in the Irish Times, the whiskey maturation warehouses which had been planned for Kilcurry will not be built there now.

In an interview with the newspaper, John Teeling of Great Northern Distillerry stated that the company will now look outside the county for a new location for the warehouses.

“The warehouse won’t be in Co Louth,” he told the Irish Times.

“We were going to spend over €20 million on the complex and we were directed there by Louth County Council, who thought it would be a good place to go to,” added Mr Teeling.

Mr Teeling did says that they will be continued growth in other existing locations in Louth.

“We have been very good to Co Louth and they have been good to us. Cooley had and still has 100 employees. We have 30 on the [GND] site and that’s going to grow.”

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